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How do I prevent a frozen burst pipe?

How to Prevent A Pipe Burst During Winter

Frozen plumbing pipes are most often viewed as an inconvenience. It is important to remember that as water freezes it expands. Frozen water pipes in your home can cost you a large bill. One local insurance agent reports that the average burst pipe claim in Sioux Falls costs about $10,000. He also told us the largest claim they saw was in 2018 for $123,000!

How do I prevent a frozen burst pipe?

The best defense against frozen and burst water pipes is prevention. When temperatures outside plummet it can be hard on your home’s plumbing system, but it is really the small cracks and drafts in your home that create the most trouble. These small gaps and cracks can let a small breeze of cold air that will freeze up a copper or pex water pipe in no time. Areas to look out for include where the sill plate meets the foundation and any areas where a cable, wire or other pipe penetrate the wall. You can seal up these areas with a silicone and spray foam.

How do I thaw a frozen burst pipe?

The best thing you can do if you get a frozen pipe is call for a plumber to come help you safely thaw the pipes. Other things you can do in the meantime include:

  • Open cabinets to any faucets that do not have water
  • Use a blow dryer or heat gun to thaw any frozen areas
  • Put a space heater near any frozen pipe areas

Frozen and Burst Pipe Repair

You can count on our team of Sioux Falls plumbers to come in and fix your frozen pipes properly. We use professional pipe thawing equipment to thaw the lines and the latest technology to repair burst water lines. If you are in need of a plumber near you then give our team a call. We will get your water back on in no time.


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