Toilet Rebate

Toilet Rebate in Sioux Falls

The City of Sioux Falls division of Public Works is currently offering a toilet rebate program for replacement of inefficient toilets. It is important to note that this rebate is not available for new construction homes. This program is only available to Sioux Falls residents replacing old toilets. Older toilets are inefficient and can waste thousands of gallons each year. Rebates are in the form of a credit to your Sioux Falls Utility account. Purchases must be made from a Sioux Falls retailer, like Comfort Heroes. An original receipt must be submitted along with a completed rebate application form. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

This is a high efficiency Kohler Cimarron which qualifies for the toilet rebate.
This is a high efficiency Kohler Cimarron which qualifies for the toilet rebate.

The City of Sioux Falls offers a rebate up to $75 for residential and $50 for non-residential replacements on the first toilet replaced. Moreover, residential replacements also qualify for $60 rebates for the second toilet, and $50 for each additional toilet thereafter.

How to Qualify:

  • Must be a Sioux Falls Utilities water customer.
  • Must be replacing an existing toilet with a date stamp prior to 1992. (Date stamps are located inside the tank. Carefully remove the tank lid and look at the walls inside the toilet tank.)

To receive a rebate, you must complete an application and to provide proof of purchase with an original sales receipt. A home inspection to confirm purchase and installation of the new toilet may be required.

Download Rebate Form Here

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