Installing A New Toilet

Installing A New Toilet

How do I install a new toilet?


Installing a new toilet is often an exciting time for any household. It is not uncommon for a family to replace a toilet only once, if ever, during their time in a home. When you are ready to install a new toilet it is important not only to pick the right toilet for your home, but also to install it properly.

Which toilet should I buy?

It is important that you measure the space before you just go out and buy a new toilet. It is important that the model you purchase will fit back into the space your current toilet is. If you don’t measure the space then it is possible that the new toilet won’t fit and once you start installing it most plumbing supply houses won’t take it back. The best toilets to buy are usually going to be ones which have all of the necessary parts and supplies included with the tank and bowl. You will need a matching toilet seat, wax seal, bolts, and a supply line to fit your new toilet.  If you buy a model that comes with a separate bowl and tank then make sure not only that they they match, but that you also purchase the other requisite components.

Follow these easy instructions and your toilet change out will be a breeze:

  1. Turn off water supply to toilet.
  2. Flush toilet to remove excess water from tank.
  3. Use a sponge or hand pump to remove water from tank and bowl.
  4. Disconnect supply line from toilet.
  5. Pop open caps at base of toilet and take off the nuts.
  6. Slowly lift the toilet off of the floor and set it to the side.
  7. Open up new toilet packaging.
  8. Attach tank to bowl with requisite bolts, washers and gaskets.
  9. Attach seat to bowl.
  10. Install bolts onto toilet flange.
  11. Flip toilet over and push wax seal onto the hole on the bottom of the toilet bowl where the waste comes out.
  12. Gently set bowl onto toilet flange carefully guiding bolts through the holes at the bottom of the bowl.
  13. Install new washers and nuts to secure toilet to floor. Be careful not to over tighten nuts as this can crack the toilet. It is best to evenly tighten each side slowly.
  14. Install new supply line for toilet.
  15. Slowly turn on water.
  16. Allow toilet to fill and check everything for leaks.
  17. Perform a couple of test flushes to ensure there is no leak from the base and the toilet is flushing well.
  18. Congratulations on installing your new toilet! You are now ready to use your new toilet.

 While a toilet installation is a relatively straightforward job, it is very important that it is done correctly so that you don’t risk leaking waste water out onto your bathroom floor If you run into any problems or don’t feel confident working on your bathroom toilet then call our team of plumbing professionals at Comfort Heroes.