Convert to Geothermal HVAC

If your air conditioner or gas furnace is ready to be replaced then you should convert to geothermal HVAC. Are you tired of your old hvac system nickel and diming you to death with repairs and high utility bills? If you are ready to replace your hvac system or are looking at hvac costs then you need to consider geothermal. Why settle for 96% furnace efficiency when you can get 400% efficiency when you convert to geothermal hvac. Since there is no combustion in a geothermal heat pump there isn’t any need to exhaust flue gasses. Our geothermal systems are easy to install in place of a furnace. The only difference is that we will need to run new electrical circuits and take out the gas piping. We will also install a non-pressurized flow center to connect the geothermal unit to the outdoor loop field.

This is a picture of a Geologix HEV geothermal HVAC system.

Most homes are already ducted so it is easy to convert to geothermal. If your home doesn’t have ducts then we can install ductwork for you too. Just call our team of hvac repair experts and we will head right over. Check out our savings calculator to see how much you can save by switching to a geothermal unit!

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You work hard to keep your home comfortable and your heater operating smoothly. Don’t let a geothermal heating emergency undo all your work and cost you hundreds, if not thousands, in repairs! Call (605) 206-3303, or schedule a visit from our Sioux Falls HVAC heroes online!

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