How to Garage Heater Installation

Are you ready to schedule your garage heater installation? We will send a certified Sioux Falls HVAC tech to install your garage heater and a licensed Sioux Falls plumber to install your new gas line. You can experience the joy and comfort of a garage heater today, just call the Comfort Heroes.

This is a Modine Hot Dawg garage heater installation in Sioux Falls, SD.

Sioux Falls Garage Heater Installation Experts

You can trust our team of plumbers and HVAC experts to complete your garage heater install promptly, professionally and safely. Each year our plumbers install hundreds of gas lines for garage heaters. You can rest assured that we know the codes, the climate and the construction in Sioux Falls. We know what works and we know what doesn’t work. When you are looking for a plumbing and heating contractor in Sioux Falls you want to hire Comfort Heroes.

How to Size A Garage Heater

Garage heater sizing is not usually as critical as sizing for a home, but it has to be done right. The most important thing about sizing is that you want to make sure that the ceiling and the walls are insulated before installing a garage heater. If the attic is not insulated then the heat will go right up to your roof where it can create an ice dam or attic ice. The ice in your attic can cause water damage as it thaws. At Comfort Heroes we have seen great success sizing garage heaters at between 40 and 50 BTU per square foot of garage space.

Garage Heater Features

Our Sioux Falls garage heaters are ideal for residential, commercial and industrial applications. This Modine Hot Dawg Natural Gas Garage Ceiling Heater features a compact, low-profile design. This heater surface mounts to the ceiling and accommodates piping from the left or right side for versatility.

  • Hot Dawg is available as
    • 30,000 BTU/hr
    • 45,000 BTU/hr
    • 60,000 BTU/hr
    • 75,000 BTU/hr
    • 100,000 BTU/hr
    • 125,000 BTU/hr
  • Our heating units have plenty of BTU per hour to keep you warm and comfortable on cold days
  • Heating units are ideal for residential, commercial and industrial applications
  • Accommodates piping from the left or right
  • Surface mounts to the ceiling
  • Low-profile design great for tight spaces
  • CSA listed
  • LP conversion kit available for purchase model# M53079 internet# 202812675

Gas Line Installation

Firetrucks don’t drive around for practice. Don’t try to tackle a gas line installation by yourself. You don’t want to trust a job like a gas line installation for a garage heater to an amateur either. Gas lines need to be properly cut, threaded and installed.

Garage Heater Installation Manual
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