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A broken or leaking propane or natural gas line in your home can be deadly. Please do not risk your life or the life of your loved ones, call Comfort Heroes to take care of them for you.

Having gas lines in your home can be very convenient, allowing you to use new, energy efficient gas furnaces and water heaters, but it’s important to have safe installation and maintenance by licensed Sioux Falls plumbers. Comfort Heroes is your Sioux Falls, SD gas line installation and repair professional.

gas line services sioux falls, sd

What should I do if I smell a gas leak?

If you have a gas or propane leak of any kind in your home it is imperative that you either turn off the gas supply or call a professional such as the gas company or Comfort Heroes to come turn it off for you. Once the gas is off you need to hire a contractor licensed to work with gas piping to come to your home, find the leak and repair it.

How much does it cost to repair a gas leak?

Gas leak repair can be very expensive because we have to fill the system with air pressure and then virtually every inch of pipe and every fitting needs to be tested for leaks. Once the leak or leaks are found the gas system then needs to be taken apart and the leaks fixed. This process can often take several hours.

This is a Sioux Falls plumber repairing gas pipe.

What kind of gas piping do you recommend?

Often times an older home will be piped with black iron threaded pipe. This was the standard gas pipe for decades, however there are newer safer technologies on the market such as corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST) which is much safer, does not rust out and the joints  are much less likely to leak over time once the system has been professional installed. Another good option is a flared copper gas line system. We use both CSST and copper gas piping on gas line re-pipes. It is still common practice to use black iron pipe at gas fixtures to make the drip leg, also knows as dirt leg or sediment trap. CSST and flared copper are much more expensive than traditional black iron pipe, which is one of the trade-offs.

Our team of Sioux Falls Plumbers repairing and installing gas pipe.

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