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When you need help with your toilet plumbing in Sioux Falls, SD, the friendly plumbers from Comfort Heroes will get there fast. We understand that many toilet problems are urgent, so we won’t ask you to sit around and wait for us. Instead, we’ll get there ASAP, assess your toilet, and come up with a plan to get everything running the way you need it to again fast.

Toilet Repair

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If you’ve been dealing with a problematic toilet for a while, stop dealing and call a plumber in Sioux Falls today! We’ll fix the problem so you don’t have to listen to your toilet leaking or jiggle the handle in that special way every time you try to flush. In fact, we’ll make sure your toilet repair works just right before we leave. We’ll even let you test it, too! If you’re not happy, we’ll stay and keep working on it until you are.

Toilet Installation & Replacement

Don’t settle for living with a toilet that isn’t working for you. Instead, make sure you have the toilet you need when you call Comfort Heroes for toilet installation. We’ll work with you to find a new toilet that gets you the functionality you need at a price you can afford. If it’s a better option to replace your toilet, we’ll do that for you, too!

Toilet Plumbing FAQs

How long do toilets normally last?

That is a tough question. A lot of it will depend on the grade of the toilet. If you have never upgraded the toilets in your home then it is probably time. When new homes are constructed it is common to find “builder’s grade” toilets and faucets in the home. These are extremely cheap
fixtures that are intended to be replaced after a few years.

My toilet is making noise, what should I do?

toilet repair sioux falls, sd

If your toilet is making noise, or “running” throughout the day then it probably needs a minor tank rebuild which includes the flapper and fill valve.

Why is my flapper mushy and deformed?

The appearance of the flapper is due to the chemicals in the water: primarily chloramine and chlorine. These chemicals wear out the plastic and rubber components in your system which is why we recommend water filtration to remove chlorine and chloramine.

I replaced the flapper, but the toilet is still leaking. What do I do now?

Sometimes toilets will need to have their flush valve replaced as well. The flush valve is what the flapper attaches to. These can be much harder to replace so we recommend hiring a professional to carry out any plumbing services you might need.

Can I get a toilet that is higher?

A lot of our clients prefer an ADA or comfort height water closet, which sits about 17″ to 17.5″ tall compared to a normal commode which is about 14″ to 14.5″ tall.

What is the deal with bidets?

The past few years we are installing more and more bidets. A bidet is a device which attaches to the toilet and connects to the water supply which helps to clean you before you use paper products after using the facilities.

What brand of toilets do you recommend?

We use to install a lot of different toilets, pretty much anything the client wanted. Then we started to see the reliability factor involved in a lot of these other toilets and decided that we could not help clients hurt themselves by purchasing and installing a cheap toilet. We primarily only install Kohler or Pro Flo toilets now.

Are newer toilets water saving?

Many of the newer models of toilet use less water per flush ( some as low as .8 gallons per flush), but it is a marginal difference (standard 1.5 gpf) and they do not tend to flush as well unless they are pressure assisted. For this reason we install pressure assisted toilets as well as 1.6 gpf toilets.

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