Do I need whole house water filtration?

Did you know that you can get better than bottled water quality water straight from your faucets with a whole house water filtration system? You will also enjoy lower utility bills, longer appliance lifespan, longer plumbing lifespan, and many other benefits. Are you looking for pricing for a water filter?

Improve the quality of your Sioux Falls water by installing a ProSeries water filtration system today! Can’t decide which water filter is best for your needs? Call our team of licensed plumbing service professionals and we can go over all of the options with you.

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We believe that every home should have a water softener and a carbon filter. We also highly recommend a reverse osmosis filter for drinking and cooking water.

The water softener will remove the hardness which destroys your fixtures and clogs your water heater as well as your pipes.

The carbon filter will remove chlorine and chloramine as well as VOC’s and other organic contaminants from your water supply. The chlorine and chloramine, chloramine being chlorine and ammonia, are responsible for pitting out copper pipes as well as wearing out rubber seals and gaskets. They also make the plastic components in your system brittle. The reverse osmosis filter removes approximately 92% to 98% of all contaminants from the water.

What water filtration is best?

There are several different types of whole home water filtration systems available. Each one treats a different aspect of the water. Let’s take a look at some of the most common types of whole home water filtration systems on the market today.

Whole House Water Softener

This is a picture of a whole house water softener filter.
Water Softener

The whole house water softener is the number one water filtration system that we install. Every home in Sioux Falls should have a water softener. Water softeners are effective at the removal of calcium, lime, magnesium, radium, barium and to a small extent, iron.

Benefits of a whole home water softener include cleaner, spot free dishes. Brighter and softer clothes. Tub and showers free of scale and mineral deposits. A silky smooth bathing and showering experience with softer, shinier and more manageable hair. You will also save money on soaps and detergents since soft water is easier to lather. A water softener will also prevent and remove scale deposits which can damage plumbing, water heaters, appliances, and pipes. Average water softener cost is about $2,200.

Water Softener Specification Sheet
Water Softener 2401 Valve Installation Manual

Whole House Carbon Filter

This is a picture of a whole house carbon filtration system.
Granulated Activated Carbon Filter with KDF

The whole house carbon filter is our second most popular water filtration system after a softener. Every home in Sioux Falls should have a GAC water filter. Our catalytic carbon filters with KDF are effective at the removal of chlorine, chloramine, herbicides, pesticides, and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).

Our granulated activated carbon filter effectively removes chemical impurities from your water. This filter is programmable and features a digital control. You will also save money on plumbing repairs since this water filter effectively removes chlorine and chloramine, which deteriorate rubber plumbing parts. The most common plumbing components damaged by chlorine and chloramine are toilet flappers, valves, faucets and cartridges. A catalytic carbon filter will also remove the unpleasant taste of chlorine. Average carbon filter cost is about $2,200.

Carbon Filter Specification Sheet
NRV Carbon Filter Specification Sheet
Carbon Filter 2401 Valve Installation Manual
NRV Carbon Filter Specification Sheet

Whole House Ultra Filter

This is a picture of a whole house ultra filtration system.
Whole House Ultra Filter

The whole house Ultra Filter is the best whole house water filter we sell. Activated carbon filters do a great job of reducing and removing many of the impurities found in tap water. Now, thanks to the Comfort Heroes Ultra Filter we can take whole home water filtration to the next level.

Many times health providers will recommend extreme water filtration for specific health conditions. In other cases, individuals may simply desire to have the best possible water in their entire home. Our Comfort Heroes Ultra Filter can provide amazing water with little to no maintenance and at a very reasonable price.

This is a picture of the multi bore filter inside of the Ultra Filter.
This is a picture of the multi bore filter inside of the Ultra Filter.

You should install our Ultra Filtration system alongside a water softener and a carbon filter to provide optimal water throughout the home. The carbon filter will filter water down to about 10-15 microns. The Ultra Filter will further filter the water down to .015 microns, which is incredibly fine.

Additionally, our Ultra Filter is a green product, requiring minimal electricity. Since no chemicals are used in the filtration process, the backflush water can be used for irrigation or pets. Average Ultra Filter cost is about $5,200.

Ultra Filter Specification Sheet
Ultra Filter Installation Manual

Whole House Iron, Manganese and Hydrogen Sulfide Filter

This is a picture of a whole house iron, manganese and hydrogen filter.
Whole House Iron filter

The whole house iron, manganese and hydrogen filter is specialty filter which some home with well water may require. It is pretty unusual for a home in Sioux Falls to require an iron filter, unless they have a well pump. These water filters specialize in the removal of iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide.

Water enters the compressed aeration chamber and becomes highly oxygenated as it passes through. As it continues to flow through the tank, the oxygenated water converts the iron and manganese from dissolved minerals and gasses to physical particles. The highly oxygenated water then flows through the multimedia bed where iron and manganese are trapped. When the filter senses the need to regenerate it will automatically complete the process. You will never be left without water during this cycle.

This filter is ideal for homes where there are low levels of hydrogen sulfide and medium levels of iron and manganese, which should not exceed 2.0 ppm. If iron bacteria is present in the water then frequent service may be required and the filter life shortened. Iron bacteria can be controlled with chlorine or other approved methods for bacterial reduction. The presence of organic tannins above 2.0 ppm may affect the operation of the system.

A whole house iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide water filter on average costs about $2,900.

Iron, Manganese and Hydrogen Sulfide Filter Specification Sheet
Iron, Manganese and Hydrogen Sulfide Filter Installation Manual

Whole House Acid Neutralizer System

This is a picture of a whole house acid neutralizer filtration system.
Acid Neutralizer Filter

The whole house acid neutralize is another specialty type of filter which most Sioux Falls homes will not require. It is pretty unusual for a home in Sioux Falls to require an acid neutralizer, unless they have a well pump. These water filters specialize in lowering the pH of the incoming water.

Our acid neutralizer is a low maintenance, automatic, and chemical free system. The rate of flow from your well pump must be greater than six gallons per minute. Incoming water hardness should be less than five grains for maximum media bed life. Failure to have the proper backwash rate will inhibit the filters ability to perform as designed. Frequent backwash cycles may be required depending on water quality. Average acid neutralizer filter cost is about $2,900.

Acid Neutralizing Filter System Specification Sheet

Why should I buy a whole home water filtration system?

You are what you drink. We have all heard it said that, “You are what you eat,” but it just may be that you are what you drink too! Did you know that the human body is composed of over 70% water? The water we absorb when drinking, bathing, or breathing (steam) effects all of the systems of our body. Did you know that your body’s largest organ is your skin? What happens when you shower? Your pores open up and absorb what is in the water. The most susceptible to water contaminants are children and elderly due to their weaker immune systems. Trace amounts of pharmaceuticals and even feces have been identified in many municipal water supplies across the country when sent off for laboratory analysis.

You may be surprised to hear that municipal tap water may actually be not only better, but also safer than that $10 per gallon bottled water! Federal guidelines for bottled water are often no different than those from simple tap water, and water utilities serving large populations tend to be subject to more stringent water quality regulations than their bottled water competitors.

You can read more about Sioux Falls water quality here

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