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Our clients love NUVO Salt Free Water Conditioners, and you will too! Are you tired of carrying heavy salt bags or looking to reduce your utility bills? A saltless water softener might just be the right choice for you. Learn more about our water filtration services or reach out to one of our Comfort Heroes experts today!

Do I need water filtration?

saltless water filtration system sioux falls, sd

We believe that all of our clients in Sioux Falls will benefit from having a water softener and a carbon filter. We also highly recommend a reverse osmosis filter for drinking and cooking water as well.

The water softener will remove the hardness which destroys your fixtures and clogs your water heater as well as your pipes.

The carbon filter will remove chlorine and chloramine as well as VOC’s and other organic contaminants from your water supply. The chlorine and chloramine, chloramine being chlorine and ammonia, are responsible for pitting out copper pipes as well as wearing out rubber seals and gaskets. They also make the plastic components in your system brittle. The reverse osmosis filter removes approximately 92% to 98% of all contaminants from the water.


How many grains of hardness is considered hard when testing water?

Water is considered softened at 0 to 1 grains of hardness, slightly hard at 1 to 3.5 grains of hardness, moderately hard at 3.5 to 7 grains of hardness, hard at 7 to 10.5 grains of hardness and extremely hard when over 10.5 grains of hardness.

What are symptoms of hard water?

Symptoms of hard water include high soap usage and need for fabric softeners, stiff dingy laundry, mineral deposits on glasses and dishes, dry itchy scalp and skin, unmanageable hair, extra work required to remove soap curd on bathtubs and shower walls, higher energy costs due to build up in plumbing system and appliances, scale buildup in water heater, sinks, tubs, and other appliances.

How can I remove hardness from the water?

There are really three methods to remove the hardness from the water. The first method is a chemical water softener which uses lime or lime-soda softening. The second method is through membrane separation softening, which is nano filtration as seen in a reverse osmosis filter. The third method is by cation exchange softening.

I don’t like to carry salt bags anymore, do you recommend saltless water softeners?

We have had very good success with Nuvo saltless water softeners as well as a catalytic saltless water softener. These systems are perfect for people who want very low maintenance on their system. Instead of adding salt every month you simply have to replace a filter every six to twelve months.

Why should I buy a water filtration system?

You are what you drink. We have all heard it said that, “You are what you eat,” but it just may be that you are what you drink too! Did you know that the human body is composed of over 70% water? The water we absorb when drinking, bathing, or breathing (steam) effects all of the systems of our body. Did you know that your body’s largest organ is your skin? What happens when you shower? Your pores open up and absorb what is in the water. The most susceptible to water contaminants are children and elderly due to their weaker immune systems. Trace amounts of pharmaceuticals and even feces have been identified in many municipal water supplies across the country when sent off for laboratory analysis.

You may be surprised to hear that municipal tap water may actually be not only better, but also safer than that $10 per gallon bottled water! Federal guidelines for bottled water are often no different than those from simple tap water, and water utilities serving large populations tend to be subject to more stringent water quality regulations than their bottled water competitors.

You can read more about Sioux Falls water quality here

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