What is in the Sioux Falls Water Supply?

Many clients ask us this very question. These are the facts directly from the Sioux Falls Public Works Water Division as of June 30th, 2016:

water quality sioux falls, sd
  • pH (SU) 8.86
  • Turbidity (ntu) 0.06
  • Chloramines (mg/L) 2.47
  • Total Chlorine (mg/L) 2.6
  • Total Hardness (mg/L) 248
  • Calcium Hardness (mg/L) 116
  • Manganese (mg/L) 0
  • Iron (mg/L) 0.01
  • Total Alkalinity (mg/L) 56
  • Total Organic Carbon (mg/L) 3.3 , Chloride (mg/L) 27.73
  • Sulfate (mg/L) 219.24
  • Nitrate (mg/L) 0.6
  • Fluoride (mg/L) 0.61
  • Aluminum (mg/L) 0
  • Grains of Hardness 14.6

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Can’t I just drink bottled water?

water quality test sioux falls, sd

Not all water is created equal. Studies have shown that a lot of bottled water on the market today is actually tap water with fancy marketing added to it.

“While much tap water is indeed risky … there is no assurance that bottled water is any safer than tap water.”

-The Natural Resources Defense Council, March 1999 report
Bottled Water, Pure Risk or Pure Hype?

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