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NEVER run out of hot water again with one of our high efficiency endless hot water heaters.

With a tankless water heater you will never have to worry about running out of hot water again. There are a multitude of reasons to change over from a tank style heater to an ENERGY STAR® high efficiency tankless water heater.

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What are the benefits of a tankless water heater?

There are many benefits to the tankless water heater technology, among them are:

• Endless supplies of hot water
• Highest level of energy efficiency currently available
• Reduced CO and NOx emissions
• Increased life span over ordinary tank style water heaters – typically 2-3x longer
• Digital control panel allowing for more precise temperature control
• Save on your water bill by installing a re-circulation pump system-no more waiting for the shower to get hot!
• Space saving design

How long do tankless water heaters typically last?

As long as your tankless water heater is professionally
installed and properly maintained you should expect to see 20 to 30 years of performance before it needs to be
replaced. Since virtually all tankless water heaters utilize a stainless steel or K grade copper heat exchanger and
tubing it is unlikely that it will leak within your lifetime.

Is the hot water instant or endless with a tankless?

Tankless water heaters have been misunderstood over the years. They are on-demand in that they only heat up the water when there is demand for hot water, but they are not instant. The hot water supply will be endless once it gets to the fixture. For an additional cost we are also able to install a recirculation system which will provide you with hot water typically within 1 0 seconds at the fixture of your choice as long as the pipes are accessible and within 125 feet of the unit.

How much does it cost to convert from a tanked heater to a tankless?

The largest expense in converting from a tank to a tankless is the conversion. Oftentimes the water lines have to be moved and reworked, the gas line has to be increased in size and relocated and the venting has to change entirely. Some homes also require two tankless water heaters which adds to the cost significantly. We have installed twin tankless systems as low as $10,200 and single tankless units as low as $4,200. On average most tankless installations are between $5,000 and $6,000.

What type of annual service is required with a tankless water heater?

We agree with the manufacturers that you should have your tankless water heater maintenance every year. This includes a complete flush of the unit and an inspection of the intake and exhaust as well as other essential components to the tankless.

Should I have a water filtration system installed with my tankless?

We highly recommend installing a water softener as well as a granulated activated (GAC) filter with your tankless. The water softener will eliminate scaling inside of the unit and the GAC filter will remove harmful chlorine and chloramine from wearing  out the seals and sensors inside of your unit.

Will a saltless water softener work with my tankless?

Not all saltless water softeners are created equal. We have had really good experience with Nuvo saltless water conditioning and catalytic water conditioners. We have not had as good of success with the Freije saltless water softeners, though many clients still choose to have one installed.

Will I save money with a tankless?

You should save money with a tankless, but we never push the energy savings as a major reason to upgrade because most clients only save $20-$30 per month. The biggest benefit is the cleaner water, lower emissions and endless hot water.

Are there any rebates available for tankless water heaters in Sioux Falls?

There is currently a $300 Federal Tax Credit available until the end of December 2016. You can always look for rebates here.

Can I replace my gas fired boiler with a tankless water heater?

Yes, we can install a combination boiler tankless unit that will take care of your domestic hot water as well as provide hot water for your heating system. These units and the installation are much more expensive than a regular tankless water heater though.

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