Water Heater Repair

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Water heaters may not be essential to daily life… unless you’ve never lived through a South Dakota winter. We count on our water heaters to work every hour of every day for years on end and oftentimes think very little of them until they fail. When your water heater goes out on you it needs to be fixed fast and affordably.

That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency water heater service at no additional cost to you.

Don’t hesitate, just pick up the phone and call our team of licensed professional plumbers and discover the Comfort Heroes Difference today!

Can you repair our natural gas water heater? The pilot light has gone out and won’t stay lit.

One of the most common problems with natural gas water heaters is that the pilot light has gone out or will not stay lit. Oftentimes the water heater will need a new thermocouple, thermopile or gas valve. We carry many of these parts on our trucks. If your water heater is facing these types of problems then call the pro’s at Comfort Heroes and we will get your water hot again!

Can you repair our electric water heater? The breaker popped and it won’t heat the water.

One of the primary causes for failure with an electric water heater is the scale buildup at the bottom of the tank. What happens most commonly is the scale buildup shorts out the heating elements and leaves you with a cold shower. We carry a variety of electric water heater elements and thermostats on our trucks. Don’t let a cold shower keep you i down! Call Comfort Heroes and we will make your maintenance problems a thing of the past.


Can you install a new tankless or repair our old one?

Tankless water heater technology has advanced leaps and bounds over the last five years alone. We are qualified to work with all major brands of tankless water heater including Navien, Noritz, Rinnai, Rheem, Takagi, A.O. Smith and others. We install more tankless water heaters than any other residential service plumbing company in Sioux Falls.

Can you install a new hybrid electric water heater or repair our old one?

We have more experience with the hybrid electric water heating technology than any other company. Don’t trust your home and it’s equipment to amateurs. Call ! the professional Service Experts at Comfort Heroes to take care of your water heater repair needs

Can you repair or replace our propane water heater?

Propane is a highly flammable and explosive gas so it is important to only hire a professional who is competent to handle it. Fire trucks don’t drive around for practice, so hire the professional plumbers from Comfort Heroes and sleep at night with peace of mind.


Can you handle our emergency water heater problems?

Many clients have called us at 2 a.m. because they couldn’t find another contractor who would answer the phone and they had an emergency. Don’t hot a leaking hot water tank ruin your night. Call our team of licensed pro’s and discover what customer service looks like. Remember, we do more.

Do you perform routine water heater repair and maintenance?

Most of the work we do on water heaters is repair and maintenance. Do you see this anode rod we replaced on the right. The pipes had been leaking and corroded the dielectric union completely. The water quality totally destroyed the sacrificial anode rod. We don’t just slap a band-aid on a gun shot wound like this. We don’t re-use old crusty parts like these when we work in your home. We treat all of our clients as though they were our mother because that’s just how we do business.

How do you charge for water heater repair?

Water heaters can be tricky to get fixed just right. Unlike the antiquated system of hourly rates and markups typically offered by other contractors we charge flat rate up front pricing by the job so there is no sticker shock or hidden fees at the end of our service. That is why we call it Peace of Mind Pricing, because we get your life and home back to normal, oftentimes on the very first visit.

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