Tea, SD Drain Cleaning

If you’re looking for a trustworthy plumbing company to do your drain cleaning in Tea, SD, call us at Comfort Heroes today! We’ll help you get the solutions you need so that your plumbing will work the way you need it to once again. We’ll never leave you waiting or hanging. Instead, we’ll get to you when we said we would and get right to work. Before long, your drains will be back to normal.

Drain Cleaning Options

We’ll start each visit by discussing drain cleaning with you. We’ll make sure we understand roughly where your clog is and what is going on when you experience it. Then we’ll look at the plumbing for ourselves. We’ll determine the best way to remove your clog and start right away.

Drain Cleaning Solutions

Most of the time, drain cleaning in Tea, SD involves threading a professional-grade plumbing snake down your lines. This snake will twist and turn with your pipes until it encounters the clog. At that point, the plumber can use the snake to remove the clog or break it up so that it can continue flowing down your pipe.

Sewer Cleaning Solutions

Sometimes, drain cleaning in Tea, SD turns into sewer cleaning. If the clog is actually in your sewer line, don’t worry! We will still find it and get it out of there for you. We’ll make sure that the clog is gone before we leave. Test your pipes, too, and let us know if you continue to have any issues.

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