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Plumbing systems are no different than your car. Just like how your car needs maintenance every 3,000 miles, your sewage system needs to be serviced by sewer professionals every year.

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The best defense to safeguarding your home is by keeping your sump pumps and sewage pumps up to date. Unfortunately, you really never know when your sump pump is going to fail until it does. The job of your sump pump is to pump out excess water which accumulates underneath and around your homes foundation. If your sump pump is damaged, clogged, air locked, or the electrical outlet fails you and your family are being put at serious risk for flooding and basement mold growth, which can be deadly.

Does your home have a sewage ejector pump or septic ejector pump? We are also highly experienced in repairing those as well. A sewage or septic ejection pump, or lift station, pumps out “black water,” which is water that carries or comes into contact with human waste. Typically these pumps will eject the waste to either a septic system or your homes sewer line. If your sewage pump is damaged or the electrical outlet goes out then the pump will not function and your home will backup with sewage.


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Do many homes in Sioux Falls have a sump pump?

There are a lot of homes in Sioux Falls with a sump pump. The benefit of having a sump pump is that it can prevent water from coming into and destroying the basement.

How do I test my sump pump?

You should routinely test your sump pump to ensure that it is working properly. Read a full article on testing your sump pump here.

Why is my sump pump running continuously?

Sump pumps may run constantly if the ground water level remains high. This constant pumping is a significant stress to the sump pump as they are not intended to run this frequently.

How long does a sump pump last before it needs to be replaced?

It is very difficult to put an exact figure on the typical lifespan of a sump pump. Most clients replace sump pumps every two to four years so that they maintain a working sump pump at all times throughout the year. Once a sump pump stops working it often leads to catastrophic damage to the basement.

How much does a new sump pump cost?

We install several different kinds of sump pumps depending on your needs. Some of the pump packages we have installed cost as much as $4,000. On the low end we can replaced a basic sump pump for about $550 or so. On average most clients spend about $1,000 and buy a premium pump with a premium float.

Should I install a battery powered backup system?

If your sump pump runs regularly then it is always a good idea to have a battery backup installed. The battery backup will provide insurance against sump pump failure.

How expensive is a battery backup sump pump?

Battery backup sump pump systems are expensive, but worth the price to reduce the chances of a flooded basement. We recommend installing a battery backup pump to all of our clients. These units can vary greatly depending on the number of gallons per hour that the unit can  pump. On average most clients will spend $2,500 to have a nice battery back up system with maintenance free batteries installed.

How long do sewage pumps last before they need to be replaced?

Sewage pumps typically last four or five years before they should be replaced. We always recommend replacing them before they fail and  you end up with raw sewage in your basement.

How much does a new sewage pump cost to have installed?

When a sewage pump fails it often fills the sewage pit with raw sewage and a very foul odor. This makes them difficult to replace and an unpleasant experience. Depending on the warranty and horsepower of the pump you could be looking at as much as $2,200 to install a new sewage pump with a high quality float or as little as $1,400 to replace a basic pump and rhombus float. Most of our clients choose to have a high grade pump installed with a high quality solid state float switch which typically costs $1,600 to $1,800 to replace.

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