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Sioux Falls Local 92
Sioux Falls Local 92 2.0

*honest post* Had our A/C unit looked at and serviced and Idk, I definitely felt I was over priced for what I had done. Service call, cleaned unit and added a couple pounds of coolant and my bill was $1,000. My unit is on the cusp of its life and I ...understand that and all I was really looking for was to get it cooling again so my house wasn’t 80 degrees. My family and I were trying to muscle through the day with fans to stay cool but it got too warm in the house we caved and called. I wish I would have waiting to call my local go to but it was unbearable for my family to be in the house with no A/C. I was expecting $500 and it was double + some and it broke my sprit. Will definitely consider another option next time a service call is needed to my house and stick to using my local go to. Happy the tech got it running and cooling again but the price to service a unit + the pushy tactic to finance a whole new unit really didn’t still well with me.Read More...

Steve Robinson
Steve Robinson 1.0

We somehow never connected

Cpuknight1 1.0

I am a victim of their "AC Tune-Up" coupon. I should have known better and listened to the voice in my head. How much will a $29 truly cost me? Well the answer is $430, to replace the capacitor that the tech was working on taking off a wire to test. ...A capacitor that I could have bought online for $60 some dollars! They did not even talk about price until after installed and Oh here's your big bill. So I contacted them to talk about my concerns multiple times and my only reply was after the first one from Bonnie was going to forward to Ben the HVAC manager. Well guess what, after a month and more messages, "NO REPLY". Do not use this company, all they want is to take your money and run. The ownership should be ashamed but I am guessing they do not care!Read More...

Stuart Wilson
Stuart Wilson 1.0
Danielle King
Danielle King 1.0

I used one of their coupons in an ad for an AC “tune up.” The technician came out and told me I needed roughly $2K worth of work- adding Freon to my AC and cleaning out my air blower. Or they suggested I replace my AC altogether for $15k. They ...didn’t do any actual work with the tune up just made suggestions on what to fix. Called and got a second opinion at Waterbury. They came out and inspected it- told me that NOTHING was wrong with my AC whatsoever. It didn’t even need Freon. Almost completely got ripped off!Read More...

Cari Lindner
Cari Lindner 1.0

CROOKS! Go elsewhere! Wish I could give no stars! Paid 3x the amount compared to other companies in the area. I schedule many duct cleanings for many homes. Their cost was ridiculous! And no help or reason when I called to ask why so expensive. "It's the ...code in the system" was all I received for an answer.Read More...

DeAnn Vostad
DeAnn Vostad 1.0

The plumber was at my home for less than 15 minutes and tightened a bolt under my bathroom sink. I was charged 264.36 I was shocked. The 56.00 on the website is a joke.

Brogan Mohlenkamp
Brogan Mohlenkamp 2.0

As a new homeowner at the time, I wasn't sure who to look for to repair my bath tub. I called Comfort heroes and they kept trying to get me to fix or change things that I didn't request or need. They charge 4x the amount other people charge for large and ...small projects. I would not recommend. On the bright side, they did fix my issue and I haven't had any problems since.Read More...

Jennifer Monen
Jennifer Monen 5.0
Kathryn Frie
Kathryn Frie 5.0

Colin was great, he was very professional and did take the time to instruct me on how to re-light the pilot light if the need arose. I would recommend this company to anyone who needed their services.

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