What is N.A.T.E. Certification?

What is N.A.T.E. Certification?

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You have probably seen “N.A.T.E. Certified” on our website or uniforms before, but what does it stand for? N.A.T.E. was founded in 1997 and stands for North American Technician Excellence. It is an independent organization which certifies Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration installation or service technicians through rigorous testing. Taking it one step further, N.A.T.E.’s logo
states, “Certifying the Finest in HVACR.” In order to become certified a technician must display a thorough knowledge of the complete heating and cooling system.

How Does A Technician Become NATE Certified?

Technicians must pass both a core test as well as at least one specialty of either an installation or a service test. The Core Exam covers a multitude of general knowledge questions regarding the electrical, refrigerant and heating systems as well as proper installation standards and general building knowledge. N.A.T.E. specialties include heat pumps, air conditioning, air distribution, gas heat, oil heat and energy efficiency. The certification testing is not easy and many technicians do not pass it the first time. A N.A.T.E. certification ensures that your technician is among the best in the trade when it comes to knowledge and experience of a heating or cooling system.

Does NATE Certification Really Matter?

A recent survey found that 87% of air conditioning and heating consumers prefer certified technicians. At Comfort Heroes we believe that only well trained and qualified people can deliver the level of service that we promise our clients. The reality is that N.A.T.E. certification is the standard for HVAC service and installation technicians. Comfort Heroes actively supports N.A.T.E. not only by hiring certified technicians, but also by being a NATE Quality Circle Contractor.

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